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Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Is Beauty???

A person becomes impressed or disgusted by appearances due to public opinion, but
who's really responsible...the public or you? The trouble with the beautiful
people and you is that they believe they're exquisite so they become just that.
And you on the other hand, define yourself quite differently it seems. Do you
have any idea what ugly really is? Of course you do... Just look around you at
the uncivil and disrespectful attitudes toward life!!! Beauty is a true standard
that has nothing to do with being a #5 or #10... Yet if you feel like a #5 then
maybe you are, and if you feel like a #10 then maybe you are that too. Isn't
there anyone above these superficial numbers??? What if I told you that I'm
considered average in appearance to some, but believed that I could attract any
of the most beautiful people of this world in my life. What would be your
response? LOL...Ha,Ha,Ha...yeah right?! If that would be your response you'd
be absolutely wrong to think that way, because who's more beautiful than a
God-fearing person who has a great confidence in where their life is headed,
while also being respectful and kind in commanding the attention of everyone they
meet? You see... only God has a greater beauty and charismatic spirit by comparison,
so if you were thinking you'd come up with any answer besides that... it just goes to
show you how far off from the human experience you really have been and it's about
time you changed that...don't you think:)!!!

From one beautiful person to the next,

Monday, May 19, 2014

Issue of Race

Today, 2014…society approaches the issue of race over that Donald Sterling phone

conversation with Ms. V aka “Silly Rabbit”.

Let us look at the fullness of this without emotionally falling out of perspective.

Donald Sterling no doubt has made a racially insensitive statement, but the reality

of this matter is that…”society has everyday with or without intent made racially,

politically, economically, and gender biased insensitive statements. The only

difference here is that everyone isn’t being recorded when they’ve said these kind of

things, so of course it’s not under public scrutiny”. We’ve come a long distance since

Dr. Martin Luther King, but the truth is that everyone doesn’t believe in his dream

and never will. However, we continue to build on the world around us who does

believe in that dream.

This issue is so very fragile. People are giving support when they really don’t feel

it in their hearts, because they’d just rather not be on the side judged as being

associated with Mr. Sterling and they speak out against him to save face. Society can

be so hypocritical that way…this is all truth!

I’ve seen documentaries of men and women who’ve stood in the face of human

injustices at the hands of real racists!!! Surely none of you have forgotten the

degradations and physical force that many were subjected to during those times?!

Men and women who were willing to sacrifice their very lives for their belief toward

a better world, and unfortunately few of them did. Yet, here society is making

claims upon a man who it feels is racist to only a point of removing him from team

ownership of the clippers. Are you serious???

If Mr. Sterling is such the racist that everyone is suggesting that he is…why will his

wife who is co-owner be allowed to retain the team, when it has also been suggested

that she shares the same opinion of racist thinking according to video footage? That

family will still continue to make money off the fans, the workers, and the players.

That my friends is called support, yet everyone is saying they don’t support Mr.

Sterling…sorry to be the one to say that you are in fact supporting him like it or not,

it’s true!!!

This is no attack against the fans who lover their team, but if you were really for

the mind state of strongly disagreeing with what Mr. Sterling said, why continue

spending your money with his family? Is a championship opportunity really that

important?? You wouldn’t continue to shop at ta store that gives you horrible

customer service. You would take your business elsewhere that’s more appreciated

as a customer, right???

To the players…I know you have families to feed, but so did the people who make

the sacrifices with their lives for you to have the opportunities you have today. How

do you really feel? You fill Mr. Sterling’s seats, you fly on his jet, you work for him,

and you cash his checks…which are only a financial percentage of what you made

in his bank account. At the end of the day… what sacrifices are you making against

these feelings of racism you have? No disrespect, but obviously you don’t believe

that he’s a racist. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be playing. There’s no amount of money

that makes a person support any act of injustice or racism they don’t believe in. Dr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. and many more lost their lives trying to bring this world out

of racism. Now just imagine if they had taken the money instead…where would his

dream be now? Would there be a Mr. Obama as president right now? Probably not!!!

To the other owners who clearly made the decision to vote Mr. Sterling out, I’m sure

that many of you if not all didn’t want to do that, but it’s not good for business if you

hadn’t. You really don’t believe that he’s a racist either, because if you did you’d not

only remove all clipper games from your schedules and prevent Mr. Sterling from

having access to the NBA, you’d prevent his family from having any financial stakes

within the NBA as well, because if his wife takes over the team it’s still money in his

pocket, right? With this not happening it indicates that you feel it’s not a big deal

that the media is trying to display it as your hands were just tied to protect your

own business investments.

Well, my personal opinion as a black man is that although Mr. Sterling made a

racially insensitive statement…he’s not a racist. A racist by any means doesn’t sell,

trade, associate with, or embrace anyone who associates with anyone outside of

their race. And if these kind of people who are out there could help it they’d try to no

breathe the same air of anyone outside of their race. This clearly is not Mr. Sterling!!!

It’s unfortunate that we do live in a world that is still so full of insensitive subjects

on various levels, that of course the media is so greedy to portray on a grand scale.

There are far more serious issues that can be reported around the world as well

as in the many, many impoverished communities around the United States of

America that they so often run away from. Serious issues that need those good 15

minutes of coverage as opposed to the lousy 15 seconds they give!!! The people

fuel these stereotypes with so many of their own vanities without even realizing it.

However, over the course of time in this multicultural society the stereotypes that

we have about so many things are created not for the sake of it, but because people

are out there actualizing them into reality.

When we genuinely start taking on the roles of responsibility for ourselves and of

those in our surroundings, how much better off can we become as human beings?

Something to really think about perhaps!!!

This has been a good segment of eyebrow raising and maybe even mouth opening

self-evaluations of the hard truths we live in. I would love to hear your views for or

against this dialogue and I will give my best efforts to respond to each one in hopes

of bridging any misunderstandings.



Friday, May 16, 2014

Today's Philosophy

In today's philopsided-fee what is the presence of a woman other than asses and breasts?...like dangerfield said it, "no respect". Hey, I didn't make the lands we stand on, but I'm just being bold enough to speak about how it is. Imagine a woman standing tall like a "stick" that's 2 inches thick and 10 inches long...qute impressive, now add confidence and know-how...wait a minute, that's too much power sitting underneath a skirt...it's just way too much power. You see, this is the philopsided-fee!!!

An illusion has been created of the woman standing at the center of attention, crowned as the beautiful lady of liberty...yet she's never at the liberty to live as she wishes without being stoned by critics of the masses. No, No, No...don't get me wrong there's always a place for you, just as long as it's beneath us...get it??? Subjected to the molds of objects...mind, body and soul. But, no really I love you...and there's no one else for me until I'm pissed off. And then, maybe?! I just like you enough not to lose my focus and strike you back down to reality. Wow...what a big man I am now. You see, this is the philopsided-fee.

What I say goes and if you think you have a say so, let me remind you that you don't. Yes means Yes, and No means Yes...forget what your "rights" are or what you think they are, because you belong to me and until I get tired enough to be finished with you...you'll sit still and accept it!!! Now here's this damned ring you've been bugging me about, and here's some shoes and fashions, and here's a few more dollars as long as you keep on giving me this wild sex...and being my personal little "bitch". Aren't I so good to you? Not really, and you know I'm the same way with my "whore" next door...but it's okay, because I'll still come home to you my personal little "bitch", opps I mean baby!!!

Hell no...Are you saying that women accept this behavior because they're convinced that this is all they deserve?? No...not the women wo aren't afraid to live their lives without apologizing for being happy. Not the women who could care less about what someone has, because she's got her own. Not the women who won't accept being hurt by anyone and definitely, not the women who have enough class about themselves to stay single if they want to. You see, this is also a philosophy. Strong willed woman, confident character, self-sufficient, unsettling...yet, intelligent enough to see the presnece of a MAN through his efforts, his creativity, and his mind...and not lost in the false skin deep images of being "dictated" by his impressive "stick".

By all means do not bite your bottom lip off or your tongue...speak your peace. I could really go for listening to a good conversation forum on this, couldn't you?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The space above our eyes is the mind...the freedom!!! The thing that makes us great if we choose to be, but also what makes us slaves to the world if we're not careful. God says "He knows what we know not"... and still he's given us free will to choose for ourselves. That is the greatest blessing to those who do understand this and such a curse for those of us who cannot see beyond our own flesh. Are we free because we can say whatever we want when we want? Or because we can choose to do or not do something? It only means that we have permission to be ourselves that God created, but we aren't free from the consequences of anything that we stand by and let happen to someone or that we're doing to someone ourselves. What happens to us when we don't give simple acts of kindness to each other? We begin to tkae on attitudes that damage our character. Leading to unkind actions that range from many different levels, but we become guilty of it. You see, in the fleshes temptation, or the hunger for things in life that only comes because we have the freedom to choose it... we lose sight of the perfection of the spirit that God creates in us. We are allowed to enjoy life to the fullest, but not at the expense of anyone else. Let us look at how we judge each other and in that same judgement we develop an arrogance in us that takes our spirit away from God without us being aware of it. This is how off balanced we've become in our freedom. Because we've been chasing the wrong king of fulfillments in this life. Now ask yourself... is the freedom of your own thinking adding to a Heaven on Earth or raising a Hell on us all? Just something we should think about as often as possible... Thanks for listening.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shared Moments

I shared this moment with a people once, where their smiles were like capturing every bit of the night's sky. I shared this moment with a people once, where every exchange was honest between us. I shared this moment with a people once, where I felt the communication through their eyes at times without a spoken word. I shared this moment with a people once that was so profound it could only be explained in the sight of their tears. I shared this moment with a people once, where I'd given a piece of my heart in the service of human experiences. I shared this moment with a people once and I am loving the memories of those big bright smiles, those honest exchanges, those deep looks into their eyes, shaking their hands and sharing life in one powerful breath. I shared this moment with a people once, where I learned so much even in a dark place, that light still shines upon all of us human beings. I shared this moment with a people once, that I will always appreciate. I shared this moment with a people once and there is no doubt that I will forever remember all of you. Sincerely, Timothy

Letter of Appreciation

Hello: To all who support the ideals of restorative justice and life within challenges and possibilities. There are s- o many people who await the opportunity of being involved in the kind of programs that represent restorative justice and challenges and possibilities that never get the chance to experience it once. I know the blessings of being able to have experienced it, but also to have completed it. I really would have loved being a part of this again and again, yet for reasons outside of my control it cannot happen at this moment. So, I settle for simply letting all of you know that I carry you with me in my thoughts and prayers. I've met people like; Ms. Vanden Branden, Ms. Van Caster, Ms. Doxtater and Mr. Doruff who are great human beings and ambassadors of goodwill, giving their time and efforts to protect and provide us all with best chances of life as it relates to interacting and respecting each other. There are people like Professor Janine Geski and the survivors of crime who readily speak about the injustices of this world on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally sharing their truths and allowing others to gain power in accepting responsibility for the wrongs that they may have caused others. It really takes heart to be the kind of human beings these people have become and I not only appreciate it, but I honor that kind of civility. There is the youthful and elder guests of all cultures and literally from all over the globe, who are all so important to the circle of life and it's value to us all. These are only a few who I have met with, but so many more who I haven't that are also important. THANK YOU Micheal and Bud for your strong fatherly examples,Bob for your goodness, Keven for enjoying life. Barbara for traveling all the way from Ireland with a basket of hope. Paul Anthony for your king strenght. Joelle for being the human fabric of caring and really wearing it on your sleeves. Monica for being so driven. Johnathan for being a visionary, Ashley for living life for each day that it brings. Cierra for growing into your dreams. Gabrielle for being awesome. Hanna for being a gem that you are to the world. Ms. Jo Winston for being undeniably a wonderful person. Alex for all of your jolly green humility. Angel for your great personality. James LeRoy for being a model of simplicity of life through a smile. Kerra for being serious and cool altogether. Ms. Corinthia for being wise and interesting. Martha for not being afraid to help others and let others help you when it's needed. Amanda for changing lives with that gentle handshake you've mastered. Christine for being brilliant and teaching me to always see there are never enough tears to be shared in the human experience. Mr. James Ferguson and Ms. Lisa Grant for the lesson of self assurance. Mr. Wa Yia Thao for educating me about the Hmong culture (Oua Chao - Thank You) Mr. Bill Mathias and Mr. Bob Johnson for all of the cirtical thinking excercises and showing me the power of thinking outside of the bos. Mr. Peter and Mrs. Sherry Galowski for having faith and hope and sharing that whenever you can with the rest of the world. Mr. Derek Jeffries for your religious enlightenment of the four noble truths. Ms. Moira Kelly for the lesson on conflict resolution and the etiquettes of good listening. Ms. Alice Skenadore for accelerating the awareness of my aspect toward learning, even under limited resources. Mr. Jim Nielson for allowing me to see the importance of creativity and seeing the world in the beauty that it represents. Ms. Natalie Juline for being an advocate against domestic abuse and showing how it really does affect us all. Mr. Harry Sydney for being a man of success and sharing with me how to get there through integrity. Mr. Bryon Lichstein, Ms. Laura Benson, Mr. Shwan O'Connell, Ms. Amelia Maxfield, Ms Renee Parton and Mr. Chris Moore for the insightful information of the criminal justice system. Mr. Wendell Hruska and Mr. Andre Brown for providing opportunites to ex-offenders. Ms. C.J., Ms. Sherry, Mr. Dennis and Mr. Don Jackson for the inspiration and the challenge presented for making a legacy worth being remembered by. Mr. Bob Morneau for sharing John Woodens 7 Step Game Plan of Life and the 5 Signs of Love. Mr. Jim Nelson, Mr. Jeffery Anslow and Mr. Richard Coss for the remembrance of forgiveness, not getting stuck on the "hampster wheel" to nowhere and for the great songs. Mr. Micheal Schaefer and Mr. Cathering Dorl for the insight on the constitution, as well as the thinking exercise. Mr. C.J. Doxtater for the spiral cycle of positive and negative thoughts, how trauma affects us and the excellent attention and expression to detail within the circle of life. Mr. Donald Zuidmulder for all your honesty and concern toward making a compliant system that will do everyone some good. Mr. James Golembeski for what you bring to the whole of the Wisconsin workforce and the opportunities you give others to level the playing fields. Mr. Joe Hilke for the work realease program and the lesson on how we control our attitudes. Ms. Amy Myska for the interviewing prep program and job searching techniques. Mr. Joshua Johnson for overcoming and teaching others how not to find themselves in similar situations by using the 4 keys (attitude, accountability, change of circle and patience). Ms. Becky Redmond_Walker for caring enough about teaching the importance of self-sufficiency and human relationships. Mr. Bejamine Murphy for having a passion for properly teaching the youth about the value of themselves and others. Ms. Ellen Mommaerts for being a wonderful example of the power that forgiveness can provide throughout a lifetime. Jenny, Ms. Jennifer Garner, John, Dustin, Mark Mr. Tom Adwell, Sandy V, Ken, Cyril Klishek, Ms. Nannette and Young Benjamine for showing your support ajnd sharing a genuine conficence in what the future can positively look forward wo with me in it. Mr. Don Stephen and Mr. Bill Miston for considering me camera worthy enough for an interview and making me a smalltown favorite. Mr. David Bertrand for the resourceful information about understanding technology and the world of business, how to recognize a problem and create a positive solution for it, and the book club program. All of you have played a unique role in the heightening of my potential as a human being. I want to say THANK YOU once again and in closing leave you with this post I call Shared Moments

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alive and Buried

Nights appear to grow darker in the fog that really is a shadow of your own insecurities... as the sun is suppressed to a tinkle in the eyes. Sparked by these bright ideas that great big minds find... but are they useful in paused time? Temperatures dropping below the body's normal capacity and it's getting colder... crossing over into the realm of seeing dead people walking around, yet they don't notice they're dead. Is this us?? You see the world keeps on moving forward without a second thought of meaning or identity beyond a memory, so what is life? Pinch yourself if you happen to question for a moment that even in strong beliefs we get lost in helplessness... pushing the heavy foot down on the pendulum of hopefulness and as years go without reward we become stagnant in imaginations toward what the future will become... this is what living has succumb to. The voice that reaches to find peace within the pieces of broken experiences... tugging against the restraints that covers the mouth so all expressions are muffled. Yet, the power of positive spirits fill the heart with that sublime kind of confidence and love which is incapable of being broken throughout it all... helping you survive without going crazy after realising that you're living a life equivalent to being thrown in the deep end of a pool and not knowing how to swim.