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Friday, May 16, 2014

Today's Philosophy

In today's philopsided-fee what is the presence of a woman other than asses and breasts?...like dangerfield said it, "no respect". Hey, I didn't make the lands we stand on, but I'm just being bold enough to speak about how it is. Imagine a woman standing tall like a "stick" that's 2 inches thick and 10 inches long...qute impressive, now add confidence and know-how...wait a minute, that's too much power sitting underneath a skirt...it's just way too much power. You see, this is the philopsided-fee!!!

An illusion has been created of the woman standing at the center of attention, crowned as the beautiful lady of liberty...yet she's never at the liberty to live as she wishes without being stoned by critics of the masses. No, No, No...don't get me wrong there's always a place for you, just as long as it's beneath us...get it??? Subjected to the molds of objects...mind, body and soul. But, no really I love you...and there's no one else for me until I'm pissed off. And then, maybe?! I just like you enough not to lose my focus and strike you back down to reality. Wow...what a big man I am now. You see, this is the philopsided-fee.

What I say goes and if you think you have a say so, let me remind you that you don't. Yes means Yes, and No means Yes...forget what your "rights" are or what you think they are, because you belong to me and until I get tired enough to be finished with you...you'll sit still and accept it!!! Now here's this damned ring you've been bugging me about, and here's some shoes and fashions, and here's a few more dollars as long as you keep on giving me this wild sex...and being my personal little "bitch". Aren't I so good to you? Not really, and you know I'm the same way with my "whore" next door...but it's okay, because I'll still come home to you my personal little "bitch", opps I mean baby!!!

Hell no...Are you saying that women accept this behavior because they're convinced that this is all they deserve?? No...not the women wo aren't afraid to live their lives without apologizing for being happy. Not the women who could care less about what someone has, because she's got her own. Not the women who won't accept being hurt by anyone and definitely, not the women who have enough class about themselves to stay single if they want to. You see, this is also a philosophy. Strong willed woman, confident character, self-sufficient, unsettling...yet, intelligent enough to see the presnece of a MAN through his efforts, his creativity, and his mind...and not lost in the false skin deep images of being "dictated" by his impressive "stick".

By all means do not bite your bottom lip off or your tongue...speak your peace. I could really go for listening to a good conversation forum on this, couldn't you?

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