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ABOUT THE BLOG: This blog contains words and artwork from Timmy Morgan, allowing him to share his voice with the world. All content is Timmy's original work, posted by Margie Cavolina.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alive and Buried

Nights appear to grow darker in the fog that really is a shadow of your own insecurities... as the sun is suppressed to a tinkle in the eyes. Sparked by these bright ideas that great big minds find... but are they useful in paused time? Temperatures dropping below the body's normal capacity and it's getting colder... crossing over into the realm of seeing dead people walking around, yet they don't notice they're dead. Is this us?? You see the world keeps on moving forward without a second thought of meaning or identity beyond a memory, so what is life? Pinch yourself if you happen to question for a moment that even in strong beliefs we get lost in helplessness... pushing the heavy foot down on the pendulum of hopefulness and as years go without reward we become stagnant in imaginations toward what the future will become... this is what living has succumb to. The voice that reaches to find peace within the pieces of broken experiences... tugging against the restraints that covers the mouth so all expressions are muffled. Yet, the power of positive spirits fill the heart with that sublime kind of confidence and love which is incapable of being broken throughout it all... helping you survive without going crazy after realising that you're living a life equivalent to being thrown in the deep end of a pool and not knowing how to swim.

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