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ABOUT THE BLOG: This blog contains words and artwork from Timmy Morgan, allowing him to share his voice with the world. All content is Timmy's original work, posted by Margie Cavolina.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Timothy Morgan

We often wonder what it would be like to see ourselves in the future, but how would we really respond in the moment if it were possible? This is something I wish I could've experienced when I was 16 years of age, some 20 years ago...maybe it would've been the difference in my life that was missing at the time. Let's experiment with my reality anyway as Tim(36) speaks to Tim(16). 36: Hey kid, is you name Tim? 16: Yeah, who are you? 36: Would you believe it if I told you that I'm you in 20 years? 16: I doubt that! 36: Well, I am and I have a few words for you. 16: About what? 36: About how you threw away my youth. 16: How could I have done that if you're me? 36: The things that you did yesterday makes me have to deal with it today. 16: What's that suppose to mean? 36: I've done 20 years in prison... 5 more even before I can see the parole board and then it's not a guarantee that I'll ever see the streets again. Everything I do is by rules and regulations... as a man I can't do nothing without permission, and the only real fabric of life I have is through my worship and loved one's... otherwise in this place they don't even consider me a human being. 16: That's cold. 36: I've had to live with all the sad memories of seeing that young mans mother and looking into her eyes, while knowing that I'd taken her son and couldn't ever give him back to her... then seeing the tears in my mothers eyes over the fact that her own son had been the one who'd taken the life of another human being. 16: Hold up, I killed someone? 36: Absolutely... 16: For what? 36: The truth is... it doesn't matter why?... You had a chance to avoid it all, but in your immaturity and lack of control with your anger, you responded and it changed the lives of everyone he knew and everyone you knew. 16: I'm sorry to hear that. 36: You should be, because it's your fault!!! You have no idea what it's been like to have to teach yourself how to be a man, and to have integrity, and not to be influenced by your environment through books you've read... then being strong enough to apply what you learned because it's right. 16: Do you think I meant for you to go to prison? 36: No, I think that if you'd really known what that night would've brought about you probably would've never done it. I believe you were a good kid, but somehow you made a major lack of judgement and it can never be erased. 16: I don't feel so good all of a sudden. 36: Yeah, I know... but it's just something you really needed to hear. 16: Damn man. 36: Don't beat yourself up kid... I've learned from your mistakes and made the necessary changes to be more of a resource in society and not a horrible hinderance. 16: What can I do to hel? 36: Just continue to listen and I'll take care of the rest. 16: Why did you come so late? 36: I didn't know that I could find you this way, but that's no excuse for not finding the proper guidance in your life through those that were always there for you. 16: I see what you're saying, but I have a few questions? 36: What's that? 16: Will you make a difference in this world? 36: Of course... every person I've met and everything I've done has been genuine. I've shared so much love and hope with others that it's practically making huge differences in their lives as I speak... not to mention in my own. 16: How do you know for sure? 36: I see it in their eyes, in the things that they do, in the ways that they speak, in the kind ways that they smile and just in the ways of them being happy... not only because of something I've shared with them, but also because they've seen me grow into the person I am today. 16: And who is that? 36: A man who loves because it's his strength... who stands alone as the gift that God blesses me to be in this world... who is satisfied in doing what is right and not ever needing anything in return because of it. 16: So you're not afraid to be vulnerable? 36: I didn't say that, but at the same time... how can anyone really know who I am if I'm guarded. 16: What are three good reasons why someone would love being your friend? 36: Because I'm loyal, sincere, and supportive 16: Okay... what makes you exceptional? 36: The fact that I've been through alot, but still manage to have a positive attitude and concern for others without hestitation and also the fact that I'm willing to sacrifice my life if I can help save someone else's... makes me exceptional!!! 16: You're interesting... I have one last question? 36: What is it? 16: You say I killed a young man and you've served so much time in prison for it... What will be your legacy? or should I say my legacy? 36: Honestly... you have left an impact on alot of people's lives and you've hurt them deeply, but today no matter what the past has been, I'm here to tell you that the legacy written will be in the love that I continue to share with the world regardless of where I am or what I'm going through. You cannot change the past, but I can change what is the present moving into the future. God bless you kid... 16: Hey wait a minute... Where are you going? 36: I can't stay here with you, but in time learn all you can, surround yourself with positive people, and follow your dreams... I'm sure that we'll meet again. 16: I'll be looking forward to it. If you have viewed this piece... I want you to consider how easy it is for people to take so many things for granted and not ever realize it until something out of the ordinary happens and it changes our lives forever. Cherish life because it's meaningful and share it with the people you love and the people who need to be loved. Timothy Morgan #275295 GBCI/ P.O. Box 19033 Green Bay, WI 54307