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Thursday, August 14, 2014

What Is Beauty???

A person becomes impressed or disgusted by appearances due to public opinion, but
who's really responsible...the public or you? The trouble with the beautiful
people and you is that they believe they're exquisite so they become just that.
And you on the other hand, define yourself quite differently it seems. Do you
have any idea what ugly really is? Of course you do... Just look around you at
the uncivil and disrespectful attitudes toward life!!! Beauty is a true standard
that has nothing to do with being a #5 or #10... Yet if you feel like a #5 then
maybe you are, and if you feel like a #10 then maybe you are that too. Isn't
there anyone above these superficial numbers??? What if I told you that I'm
considered average in appearance to some, but believed that I could attract any
of the most beautiful people of this world in my life. What would be your
response? LOL...Ha,Ha,Ha...yeah right?! If that would be your response you'd
be absolutely wrong to think that way, because who's more beautiful than a
God-fearing person who has a great confidence in where their life is headed,
while also being respectful and kind in commanding the attention of everyone they
meet? You see... only God has a greater beauty and charismatic spirit by comparison,
so if you were thinking you'd come up with any answer besides that... it just goes to
show you how far off from the human experience you really have been and it's about
time you changed that...don't you think:)!!!

From one beautiful person to the next,

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